How to swim & how to dive

5. A swimming teacher needs the patience of a saint

It sometimes helps to take the learner's hand and give them more time. It often makes sense to simply continue practicing next time. However, the intervals between swimming lessons should not be too long, as regular ‒ preferably daily ‒ training is needed to make progress. The swimming teacher should ensure that the challenge is appropriate. They should include breaks and variety during the swimming lesson if the learner needs to gather new strength or still needs some time for the next step. Both phases ‒ effort and relaxation ‒ are equally important. A common mistake: Most parents are so delighted that their child finally feels like learning to swim that they overdo the time spent in the water. Give them space to really look forward to their next swimming lesson and start by celebrating the small achievements. Next step: How to swim - 6. Building self-confidence

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Swimming Class

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swimming class

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